Moving my Stitching Blog

I only started this blog at the beginning of August, and I’ve come to realize that most of the stitching blogs I follow are on Blogger. There are also some gadgets that can be used there, but not in WordPress. That being said, I’m planning to move my blog.

Tonight I began a new blog at I think you’ll find the postings there easier to read. Many visitors have told me they really liked the chateau picture here and my little dream story I posted to go with it, but had trouble reading posts. The change to blue has helped, but not enough.

On the new blog I’ve set up a page with all the HAED charts in my stash. I’m really hoping I can stitch most of them (13) during my remaining lifetime. However, there are many other things I wish to stitch, so only time will tell! We had a discussion about stitching speed on one of the Yahoo groups, and many stitchers say speed doesn’t matter. I agree to some extent, but when 13 charts need almost 3 million stitches, slow and steady will see few finishes! I’m trying to set goals for those and keep room in my rotation for less demanding pieces!

Thanks for visiting!


I Found my Anniversary Sampler!


I’ve probably spent more time stashing than stitching this past week, which is why I haven’t posted any progress pictures.  There’s a cute specialty stitches SAL featuring an Owl that starts September 16th, so I’ve been gathering materials for that, including some Picture This Plus Hand Dyed Cashel in Monet and DaVinci.  Once I get the silk threads I ordered from Hand Dyed Fibers, a floss toss will determine which will be used for the SAL. 

Design by Gigi R Creations

My major accomplishment was to find the chart that will become my Anniversary Sampler. While browsing the gallery at Hand Dyed Fibers, I found the Belles-Lettres B chart by Gigi R Creations and began my hunt to find the chart she’d done for the Letter D.  Unable to find a supplier with the chart in the USA, I ultimately got in touch with the designer in France and bought it directly from her.  This morning I had the chart Belles-Lettres D in hand.

The design is charted using crimson threads on a pale linen, but I like the use of a variegated thread, as was done on the copy here that Gigi had sent to me.  I spent time looking at thread on the computer, but decided I needed to have them in hand to make a decision.  Soooo…10 different skeins of variegated silks are on order, one of which will be used for this piece. 

My plan is to personalize the sampler by stitching in our family name, our first names, our wedding date, our daughters’ names, and their birthdates.  With a stitch size of 450 x 355, the stitched area will be between 26″x21″ and 31″x24″ depending on the linen I choose.  It will be large, but I’ve already decided it will replace a picture over our mantlepiece.  I would never put needlework there if we still lived in New York, but our Texas fireplace has never been used.

This will obviously become my focal piece once it’s started, and I’ve very excited about it.  I’d gotten a number of small cuts of linen in a grab bag a while back, so once the threads come in, I’ll be doing a floss toss and some test stitching to see which colors to use.  Ordering the fabric will come after that, and then the stitching will commence!

The Traveling Stash Box is Finally Traveling Again and New Background Color for this Blog


I finally made contact with Julie, so the Traveling Stash Box is going to the Post Office tomorrow.  She’ll probably get it early next week and be looking to see where it will go next.  A link to “Julie’s Blog” is included in the Blogroll to the left.

I’ve also changed the background on my blog from deep gray to blue after one of the readers said she had trouble reading it.  Hopefully this will help!

Traveling Stash Box Update



Ready to Travel!

Well, I’ve gone through the Traveling Stash Box and thought I’d post a picture of what will be in the box for Sunday’s winner.  I laid it out on the table and actually stood on a chair to get a picture of it all!

The Just Cross Stitch issue from Spring 2009 that I was going to keep went back in, since I found my copy that I thought was missing.  From the original stash, I kept a few simple charts that I might stitch when I feel like doing something with a quick finish or to give away as RAKs.  I added in a 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue and some like charts that I had in my stash.
Remember that the winner will be drawn on Sunday afternoon, so please comment to one of the Traveling Stash Box posts by noon Central Time on Sunday to be entered.  Monday is Labor Day, so I plan to send the box traveling on Tuesday.

Teresa Wentzler NBD and the Traveling Stash Box Needs a New Home!



Almost nine years ago, I started to stitch the Teresa Wentzler Wedding Sampler, but soon realized it would not be stitched in time for the wedding.  I put it aside and know I will never finish it, but hate the thoughts of cutting it up.  One woman has suggested that she might be interested in picking it up, so I’ve added a link labeled “Teresa Wentzler NBD” above with more info and pictures.

The Traveling Stash Box arrived today, so I’m now looking for the next home to which it will travel.  I apologize to our international friends, but this one is traveling in the USA only due to the cost of postage.  It’s a rather heavy box, largely filled with simple charts, a couple of books, a few small cuts of fabric, some thread samples, and several small kits.  Much of what’s there comes from The Cross Eyed Cricket, along with a couple of Butternut Road, Lavender & Lace, and Mirabilia charts, among others.  Here’s a picture:

The Traveling Stash Box 08/31/11

As for where it’s been, the box was first sent traveling by Tricia from Wisconsin on 4/14/11.  From there it went to DJ in Maryland, Lynn in Minnesota, Nan in Indiana, Beth in Kentucky, Debbie in California, Linda in California, Joyce in Texas, and finally to me, also in Texas.  Highlighted names link to pictures they’d posted of the Traveling Stash. 

My major find today was a copy of Just Cross Stitch from Spring 2009 that I was missing.  That issue has one of four parts of a sampler called Once Upon a Tree by Jeannette Douglas and Part II of the Grateful Heart band sampler by Sharon Cohen.  I have the issues with the other parts of both, so this was quite welcome.  In its place, I’m adding one of the JCS Christamas Ornament issues, and I’ll decide in the next few days what else to keep and add.

If you’re interested in receiving the box next, leave a comment on this post by noon this Sunday, September 4th.  I’ll draw a winner that afternoon, and send the box traveling Monday or Tuesday.  The rules are simple.  Take what you’d like but put in at least as much as you take.  Post a giveaway on your blog, and send it on its way to the next person.  One thing to note is that this box is very heavy and requires a large flat rate priority box.  Postage within the USA for the current contents is $14.95.  International postage cost would be almost $60, hence the restriction to the USA.

Chele Anderson has chosen HAED’s Summoning Fire as her prize



HAED Summoning Fire

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the HAED giveaway is Chele Anderson, and she has chosen Summoning Fire by J.M. Leotti for her prize.  It was great to see all the charts that were chosen, and I may add a Friends’ Favorite HAEDs tab just to share those. 

Have a great stitching weekend, and I’ll publish more on the Traveling Stash Box once it arrives!

We have a Winner for the HAED giveaway AND a Traveling Stash Box is coming!


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Shortly after midnight tonight, I had the computer assign random numbers to the 59 entries I received for my HAED giveaway, and when I re-sorted the list, the lucky number at the top was 0.00089. I’ve sent that stitcher an e-mail and will post her name and choice of chart once I hear back from her.

In addition, I received an e-mail from Joyce F. telling me I’d won a Traveling Stash Box on her blog. Once I receive it, I’ll post another call for entries here, and the box will go to the winner. Here’s how it will work:

1. I apologize to our international friends, but this stash box is supposed to circulate in the USA only, in order to keep shipping costs low.
2. The receiver of the stash box is welcome to keep anything in the box, but must then add to the box at least as many stash items as taken.
3. Once the box is received, the winner must post a giveaway on his/her blog and select a new winner to whom the box will travel.
4. A quick turnaround is preferred to allow as many stitchers as possible to share in the fun!

More details to come on the HAED winner and on the Traveling Stash Box!

HAED Giveaway – Enter by Midnight on Friday 8/26/11 (Central Time USA)



I’d like to thank the folks who have visited my new blog, so I’ve decided to RAK someone a HAED chart this weekend.  To be entered in the drawing, please add a comment to this posting stating which HAED chart you’d like if you win. I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Heaven and Earth Desings, but if you are not, please browse the HAED website. There are over 6,500 charts to choose from, so I’m sure one will catch your eye.

This giveaway will close Friday, August 26th at Midnight Central Time here in Texas. The winner will be selected at random, contacted via e-mail, and will have until 5pm on Saturday to respond. If I cannot connect with the winner by then, an alternate will be selected. The winner will receive their chart as a .pdf download, following the HAED rules for sending a RAK.

Thanks again for visiting, and I look forward to seeing your comments!

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend Follow-up


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I’m afraid I didn’t get as much stitching done as planned this past weekend. I had classes on Saturday and also found out that I need to meet with my Dissertation Chair tomorrow, so that had to take priority over stitching. Here’s what I got done:

Eternal Promise – this had last been stitched on 8/4/11.  If you look at the curves at the bottom of the stitch area, you can see that I did get a bit added.  My parked stitches give evidence that this one’s full of confetti!


SK Treasures – this is going to be finished as a large bookmark, and the top is a sea of white! This also hadn’t been in the rotation for a while, but I went from 22 to 51 rows completed.

SK TreasuresPhotobucket

Hopefully I’ll get more done on these before they go off rotation Thursday night.  I’m following the HAED SALs for rotation, and next week’s the Themed SAL, to be decided by Fudgey.  Assuming one of my WIPs fits the theme, that will be next.  If not, I’ll work on either Eternal Promise or Angel with Iris.