I decided to change the theme for this blog, which changed around the page setup as well.  This theme is termed Chateau, which seems quite appropriate for my stitching. 

The picture started my imagination running in a couple of directions.  First, it reminded me of the many art museums I’ve visited and thoughts of having such wonderful art charted to stitch.  Going in another direction, one can have dreams of winning the lottery, buying such a chateau, being able to buy any and all charts that suit one’s fancy, and having all the leisure time needed to stitch!

I can imagine a needlework stand in a sheltered section of the garden.  The light is perfect, and the walls around this section keep out the wind.  The flowers smell wonderful, and soft music is playing.  I’m in Stitcher’s Heaven, joyfully adding stitches to Eternal Promise.

Time to get back to my stitching!  This afternoon Steam Punk Fairy gets her turn, and I’ve spent too much time on this blog already.