Lap Stand with Steam Punk Fairy

I tend to work in rotation, following Fudgey’s SALs on the HEAD BB as my guide.  Those run Friday to Thursday, and this past week’s theme was QS Freebie or Smalls (QS, SK, TT, etc.).  I joined the HAED BB after sign up for the QS Freebie had ended, so my QS Steam Punk Fairy fit this SAL.  My stitching focused on her, with 1,569 stitches done this week, but I did do a bit on my other WIPs as well.

On Tuesday, my new toy arrived…K’s Creations Z Lap Stand with Clamp, which holds my Q-Snaps perfectly.  I love working with Q-Snaps, and my preferred size is 11″ x 11″.  I had been content to stitch without a stand, but when I added up the stitches in the eleven HAED charts I already own, it totaled over 2 1/2 million stitches!  The purpose of the stand is to let me do 2 handed stitching to speed up my progress, hoping to finish many of those in my lifetime.  So far so good.  I love the stand, and I’m catching on quickly to two-handed stitching.

I still have work to do on this blog, as I’m new to blogging. I’ll be adding more on my WIPs, my stash, and my growing wish list. My stash may grow again, since HAED has a 30% off sale running through August 15th!