HAED Angel with Iris on Stand

Angel with Iris had her turn on my new lap stand this weekend. Following the HAED BB SAL schedule, Friday 8/12 through Thursday 8/18 is the UFO/SWIP SAL, with UFO being UnFinished Objects and SWIP being Slow Works In Progress. Angel with Iris is definitely a long-term project, and will take approximately 192,555 stitches to finish.

HAED Angel with Iris 08/13/11

I was pleased to finish pages 4 and 5 on Saturday.  The chartpack has 42 pages, but since the design is oval, a few pages, including page 6, are actually blank.  On Sunday I started page 7, with some run-over to page 8 to keep from having obvious page lines.  This is a beautiful design, and I’m very pleased with the way it stitches up.