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I’ve mentioned that I’m rotating four HAED projects, using the HAED BB PhotobucketSALs as a guide. Last week was UFO/SWIP, so I concentrated on HAED’s Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina. I got in 2,111 stitches on her, finishing pages 1-6 and starting page 7, with some carryover to page 8 to prevent having noticeable lines in the finished piece.

Photobucket This week I’ll concentrate on HAED’s Eternal Promise by Matt Stewart.  I’ve only done a bit of the border area so far but hope to reach the edge of the actual picture.  I’ll also be doing some work on the HAED SK Treasures for the Freebie SAL, but all that’s done on her so far is a block of white.  The originals for all these pieces can be found under the HAED tab.

Finally, I’m thinking about stitching a Sampler for my 40th Annivesary in February.  So far I’ve found two I might like.  One is The Marriage of Minds by The Drawn Thread, and the other is Our Anniversary by Sampler Cove. Here are the pictures:

I like the verse on The Marriage of Minds, which is really cute, but Our Anniversary is more classic and the reds probably more appropriate for the 40th Anniversary, also called the Ruby Anniversary. If I do this, I need to get started soon, so if anyone knows of another sampler I should consider, suggestions are welcome!