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I’m afraid I didn’t get as much stitching done as planned this past weekend. I had classes on Saturday and also found out that I need to meet with my Dissertation Chair tomorrow, so that had to take priority over stitching. Here’s what I got done:

Eternal Promise – this had last been stitched on 8/4/11.  If you look at the curves at the bottom of the stitch area, you can see that I did get a bit added.  My parked stitches give evidence that this one’s full of confetti!


SK Treasures – this is going to be finished as a large bookmark, and the top is a sea of white! This also hadn’t been in the rotation for a while, but I went from 22 to 51 rows completed.

SK TreasuresPhotobucket

Hopefully I’ll get more done on these before they go off rotation Thursday night.  I’m following the HAED SALs for rotation, and next week’s the Themed SAL, to be decided by Fudgey.  Assuming one of my WIPs fits the theme, that will be next.  If not, I’ll work on either Eternal Promise or Angel with Iris.