I only started this blog at the beginning of August, and I’ve come to realize that most of the stitching blogs I follow are on Blogger. There are also some gadgets that can be used there, but not in WordPress. That being said, I’m planning to move my blog.

Tonight I began a new blog at http://octoberlace.blogspot.com. I think you’ll find the postings there easier to read. Many visitors have told me they really liked the chateau picture here and my little dream story I posted to go with it, but had trouble reading posts. The change to blue has helped, but not enough.

On the new blog I’ve set up a page with all the HAED charts in my stash. I’m really hoping I can stitch most of them (13) during my remaining lifetime. However, there are many other things I wish to stitch, so only time will tell! We had a discussion about stitching speed on one of the Yahoo groups, and many stitchers say speed doesn’t matter. I agree to some extent, but when 13 charts need almost 3 million stitches, slow and steady will see few finishes! I’m trying to set goals for those and keep room in my rotation for less demanding pieces!

Thanks for visiting!