About me…

My name is Theresa, but I often use OctoberLace as a screen name.  Over the years I’ve been involved with many types of needlework and crafts, including cross stitch, knitting, crochet, sewing, etc.  In January I returned to cross stitch as my main hobby, after finding some new designs I really love, particularly the HAED charts.  Those will keep me busy for years, so I guess I’m now a very dedicated stitcher. 

Here’s a brief bit of my bio.  I was born in Sag Harbor, New York and went to St. Andrew’s Catholic School from grades K-5.  The picture to the left is of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, and the school and rectory were attached in the back of that building.

In 6th grade I transferred to Pierson High School, pictured to the right,  which at that time served grades K-12.  Our year round  community was actually quite small, but tons of city folk flocked to the Hamptons in the Summer!

Our family included ten children, so we had to have a very large home for us all.  I’ll need to find a photo of our old home and scan a copy, since I don’t seem to have one on my computer.

I’m currently working on my PhD at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, pictured at the left.  OLLU was founded in 1895, and this beautiful old building was almost devestated by fire almost three years ago.  Fortunately, almost every fire engine in San Antonio and the surrounding areas came to fight the blaze, and all the damaged areas have been completely restored.  It was also lucky that it happened in the evening when classes were not in session, so there was no harm to any persons.

Familywise, I’ve been married to my husband John for many years, and we have two grown daughters and one grandson.  I see my 9 brothers and sisters far less frequently that I’d like, largely due to the fact that we’re now spread from New York to California and many states in between.

That’s me in a nutshell…now it’s time to stitch!


3 thoughts on “About me…”

  1. You sound like a very busy lady – and a brave one, taking on HAED designs while studying for a Phd. What discipline are you working in?

    Love your Steam Punk fairy, by the way! Wanda in Edmonton

  2. hi there……I’d be interested to know what your studying for your doctorate! i have one that i use when necessary for my audience..i’m an educator…yesterday retired from from public schools….now, to pursue MY career…while i rest up for a hip replacement….love being able to write my own career.. Saint Andres ikks like an extremely beautiful place!!

    what’re stitching these days?

  3. Just want to say that my mother attended Our Lady of the Lake many, many, many years ago. What are you getting your PhD in?

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