Friend’s Favorite HAEDs

I had a great time seeing everyone’s favorite HAED charts during the August giveaway, so here’s an unedited list (copy and past from comments) of all the selections that were indicated.  As I have time, I’m gradually linking those selections to the HAED inventory.  I hope you all get a chance to stitch your favorite or another you find you like even better!

Afternoon Tea by Randal Spangler
Forget Me Not by Aimee Stewart
Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina
Asiria by Nene Thomas
Autumn Angels by Dennis Lewan
Autumn Russet by Linda Ravenscroft
Beacon Ridge by Dennis Lewan

Blodenwedd the Owl by Jen Delyth

bought Santa Claws, and would love Frosty the Snow Cat

Cheyenne by Sandi Baker

chocolate chocolate and more chocolate by R Spiendler

Christmas Cat Choir

Christmas Journey

Christmas Stocking Faithful Friends by Dona Gelsinger

College of Magical Knowledge by  James Christensen

couldnt decide which of the lady and the unicorn (sense of hearing etc) ones

Curl Up With A Good Book by Randall Spangler

Day of Joy by sara b. illustration

Dreams Of Atlantis by Josephine Wall

faces of faery 89

Faery Tale

Flaming June

Glamour by Dahlig

Gluttony by Marta Dahling

Golden Wood by Ruth Sanderson

Home is where the Magic Is by Robert Spangler


Library Fairy IV

LInda Ravenscrofts Mask of Colour II

Linda Ravenscrofts Moonlight and Moonbeam

Long Winters Nap

Manhattan Wonderland

Nene Thomas Innocence

Peacock and a Dove in a garden

Play Ball

Polishing the Holly berries

QS Brown tailed Sunshine

Reading by Firefly Light by Randal Spangler

Ruth sandersons  snowman

Seaside Victorian

Springtime Splendor by Randal Spangler

stocking Treasure Dragon

Summoning Fire by J.M. Leotti

TaDa by Randal Spangler

Telsa by Nikki Burnette

The Last Supper

The Mysticical Bluebird Chart

The Wild Swans Storykeep by Yvonne Gilbert

Train of Dreams

Train of Dreams

TT Humpty

Whats This 

Winter at Stonebridge Manor by Dennis Lewan

Yule Angel by Anne Stokes

Zen Garden by Ciro Marchetti


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