Rotation Update and Anniversary Sampler Search


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I’ve mentioned that I’m rotating four HAED projects, using the HAED BB PhotobucketSALs as a guide. Last week was UFO/SWIP, so I concentrated on HAED’s Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina. I got in 2,111 stitches on her, finishing pages 1-6 and starting page 7, with some carryover to page 8 to prevent having noticeable lines in the finished piece.

Photobucket This week I’ll concentrate on HAED’s Eternal Promise by Matt Stewart.  I’ve only done a bit of the border area so far but hope to reach the edge of the actual picture.  I’ll also be doing some work on the HAED SK Treasures for the Freebie SAL, but all that’s done on her so far is a block of white.  The originals for all these pieces can be found under the HAED tab.

Finally, I’m thinking about stitching a Sampler for my 40th Annivesary in February.  So far I’ve found two I might like.  One is The Marriage of Minds by The Drawn Thread, and the other is Our Anniversary by Sampler Cove. Here are the pictures:

I like the verse on The Marriage of Minds, which is really cute, but Our Anniversary is more classic and the reds probably more appropriate for the 40th Anniversary, also called the Ruby Anniversary. If I do this, I need to get started soon, so if anyone knows of another sampler I should consider, suggestions are welcome!


Just Joined International Hermit and Stitch Weekend


Following a suggestion on one of my Facebook groups, I just joined Joyze’s International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.  Per Joyze:

For our new Hermitting friends:
IHSW takes place every 3rd weekend of each month, for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and “Hermit and Stitch.” You can stitch as much or as little as your time permits, on anything you like, and on Monday of the following week, we post a progress picture and check out each others’ blogs (all the links will be listed below). 😀

You can join and add your blog to the list at:

It looks like a fun way to share your cross stitching with like-minded stitchers.  I have class this weekend for my PhD program, but will definitely be putting time in on my Cross Stitch as well.

Good Stitching Weekend



HAED Angel with Iris on Stand

Angel with Iris had her turn on my new lap stand this weekend. Following the HAED BB SAL schedule, Friday 8/12 through Thursday 8/18 is the UFO/SWIP SAL, with UFO being UnFinished Objects and SWIP being Slow Works In Progress. Angel with Iris is definitely a long-term project, and will take approximately 192,555 stitches to finish.

HAED Angel with Iris 08/13/11

I was pleased to finish pages 4 and 5 on Saturday.  The chartpack has 42 pages, but since the design is oval, a few pages, including page 6, are actually blank.  On Sunday I started page 7, with some run-over to page 8 to keep from having obvious page lines.  This is a beautiful design, and I’m very pleased with the way it stitches up.

A New Toy and Progress on HAED Steam Punk Fairy



Lap Stand with Steam Punk Fairy

I tend to work in rotation, following Fudgey’s SALs on the HEAD BB as my guide.  Those run Friday to Thursday, and this past week’s theme was QS Freebie or Smalls (QS, SK, TT, etc.).  I joined the HAED BB after sign up for the QS Freebie had ended, so my QS Steam Punk Fairy fit this SAL.  My stitching focused on her, with 1,569 stitches done this week, but I did do a bit on my other WIPs as well.

On Tuesday, my new toy arrived…K’s Creations Z Lap Stand with Clamp, which holds my Q-Snaps perfectly.  I love working with Q-Snaps, and my preferred size is 11″ x 11″.  I had been content to stitch without a stand, but when I added up the stitches in the eleven HAED charts I already own, it totaled over 2 1/2 million stitches!  The purpose of the stand is to let me do 2 handed stitching to speed up my progress, hoping to finish many of those in my lifetime.  So far so good.  I love the stand, and I’m catching on quickly to two-handed stitching.

I still have work to do on this blog, as I’m new to blogging. I’ll be adding more on my WIPs, my stash, and my growing wish list. My stash may grow again, since HAED has a 30% off sale running through August 15th!

Changed the theme for this blog

I decided to change the theme for this blog, which changed around the page setup as well.  This theme is termed Chateau, which seems quite appropriate for my stitching. 

The picture started my imagination running in a couple of directions.  First, it reminded me of the many art museums I’ve visited and thoughts of having such wonderful art charted to stitch.  Going in another direction, one can have dreams of winning the lottery, buying such a chateau, being able to buy any and all charts that suit one’s fancy, and having all the leisure time needed to stitch!

I can imagine a needlework stand in a sheltered section of the garden.  The light is perfect, and the walls around this section keep out the wind.  The flowers smell wonderful, and soft music is playing.  I’m in Stitcher’s Heaven, joyfully adding stitches to Eternal Promise.

Time to get back to my stitching!  This afternoon Steam Punk Fairy gets her turn, and I’ve spent too much time on this blog already.


I’ve decided to put my HAED WIPs on their own page, rather than post to the right.  You’ll find them by using either the link on the page bar above or in the page list to the right.  Blogging is new to me, so I’ve got to work on getting this set up and getting comfortable with the details.